Discover the profits that lie hidden in your fleet of vehicles
The ONLY all-in-one Fleet Automation System built to cut fleet operational costs.

AVLView SnippetsWhy you'll love AVLView

It's a modern, agile and systematic approach that helps you achieve awesome results by doing less. Once configured, the system monitors the operation, so you don't have to.


Yes, it's packed with powerful features at a low price. For your business, it means 'the' opportunity to enjoy fairly priced automation tool and achieve more of what matters.

Why drivers often resist the idea of GPS vehicle tracking?

Easy to use, highly intuitive       

With its intuitive user interface, AVLView is
an easy to use & powerful system
painstakingly designed to give you
a complete range of services
in a simple, sleek package.


Choice of the best in class GPS trackers

Pick from simple, low cost GPS devices to high
quality, cutting edge ones without having
to chain yourself to a long term
commitment with a single GPS
device vendor.


Budget friendly GPS tracking

Not only is AVLView packed with a comp
rehensive range of powerful features,
it's also competitively priced;
perfect for the budget conscious
business owner.


       Fleet operation on auto pilot

Not only do you get increased efficiency,
you also get better working conditions,
safety & overall productivity. Let
AVLView track your fleet while
you focus on what matters:
Your Business !!


What you will get in one platform...

Live GPS Vehicle tracking

Track your assets live from office or anywhere you are at. It's hightime for you to regain control over your fleet. No longer do you need to bother about the complications behind the working principle of GPS vehicle tracking. It's all simple & easy to use.


Get alert notifications instantly on schedule violations, theft attempts, mechanical warnings & failures, temperature variations, timely maintenanc, irresponsible/careless driving techniques and even more by SMS/email.

Theft Protection for Vehicles/Assets

Ever thought of a moment soon after your vehicle is stolen? Considering the mental stress and physical & legal procedures to get it back (if there' s a chance of getting it back), how easy, relaxing & cost effective would it be to fix a low cost GPS tracking system.

Fuel Management

Hiking fuel prices & losing economy, sudden death of business enterprises on service sector where competitions heading to a peak, AVLView's fleet management is not just about GPS tracking, but helps you manage your operating expenses by cutting losses.

Dispatch System

Send priority messages to drivers or send delivery/pickup points. Connect GPS vehicle tracking device via an interface toolkit to a Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND); makes real-time navigation and job dispatch capabilities more efficient.

Surveillance (In-Vehicle Surveillance)

Safety of passengers or your valuable assets, AVLView's In-vehicle Surveillance offers frequent & continuous updates on events with in vehicle. Nowdays, having the ability to not only track vehicles, but ride along with driver is essential.

Charts & Reports

AVLView's Fleet Management System offers 11 charts and nearly 50 concise reports over 100 parameters (speed, time, ignition, fuel, distance) with over 100 statistics done, letting you make smart decisions in least time with all valid information on your fingertips.

Periodic Service & Maintenance

Periodic vehicle maintenance is the key to economic fuel consumption, vehicle fitness & reliability. A well maintained vehicle performs better on the road, decreases maintenance costs, improves fuel efficiency & reduces carbon emissions.

Your Points of Interest/Zones on map

Delivery points, warehouses, bus stops, service centers or whatever they are, you can now map all your business points/zones on your AVLView map. You can even set alerts to notify when a vehicle enters or leaves the points you created on map.

Trips/ Task management

Long trips, late deliveries, un-organized trips, all a part of the Fleet Management game and the results are even more upsetting; financial loss, reputation loss and dissatisfaction at its best on the other end that could even result in losing your client base.

Fleet Analytics

No longer do you have to sit with tons of documents on fuel consumed, distance travelled, time taken, idling and anything & everything related to fleet management to calculate operations cost. It's all right in front of you in the forms of charts & graphs.

Reputation Management

Can having a GPS tracking System boost your reputation into being a more reliable service/commodity provider? Ofcourse yes, with all what we offer, you can regain control over vehicles & commit deliveries in time; your market stakes are going to be high.