Act sooner; Plan smarter; Profit faster…

Automated fleet tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. Small adjustments to behavior can add up to large savings. In fact, you would see considerable results in cost savings within days of implementation.

From drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Reduced Fuel Usage

With today’s fuel prices continue to climb, every hour your drivers spend driving (and idling with Aircon on) on the road ends up costing you money. It’s a fact: High speeds and jackrabbit starts burn fuel. However, driver behavior without valid data is hard to control. Identify fuel theft/leakage/fraud with AVLView real time fuel monitoring element, grab engine idling for long times resulting in fuel loss and reinforce green driving practices based on data available on the harsh driving techniques followed by drivers.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Timely vehicle maintenance is the key to economic fuel consumption, vehicle fitness and reliability. Vehicle with least maintenance costs you the more when it comes to continuous operations; a well maintained vehicle performs better on the road, decreases maintenance costs, improves fuel efficiency & reduces carbon emissions. How far better would it be to get alerted by SMS & email on due services/maintenances; offers you peace of mind, you are no longer bothered if there’s anything wrong when your vehicle goes for a long trip.

Reduced Labor cost

Know what your drivers are doing or rather not doing at all times. Ensure your drivers are being productive and not wasting time on unnecessary breaks or committing unauthorized tasks for their personal benefits. Get hold of those who indulge in so called ‘risky maneuvers’ such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration and cornering causing forced errors for human lives and vehicles. With trip scheduling, you can route your drivers the most efficient way to delivery destinations. And most importantly you could now continuously monitor and compare driver wages & driver work timings.

Reduced Communication costs

What if you could message all of your delivery/ pick up points or service requests from your automated fleet system itself?With AVLView, you now can keep in touch with your drivers; send priority messages to drivers, send delivery/pickup point. No longer do you have to depend on mobile phones or manual messengers to pass a message to your drivers. You can totally forget charges on your telephone calls (believe it or not, it’s really high if you check your bills now), atleast for fleet management with AVLView’s high priority 2 way messaging facility.