100s of fleet owners chose AVLView for a reason… 

It’s more than just a simple route mapping or vehicle tracking…

AVLView is an all-in-one Fleet Automation System that tracks vehicles on the map, monitors fuel usage, helps cut losses in half, and increases fleet productivity. It provides instant alerts, provides maintenance updates, automates trip schedules, encourages green driving.

Please listen, what you need is an all-in-one fleet automation system to systematize operation, not just GPS tracking. Get AVLView system now, make real progress FAST.

Fuel level detection

Between security of assets, driver management, timely delivery and mechanical services, fleet owners have a lot to think about. Economic instability and day-to-day variations in fuel prices don’t help soothe the minds of busy fleet owners, either. AVLView’s fuel level detection features help you keep your fleet running smoothly at all times.Real time fuel level monitoring

  • Real time fuel level monitoring
  • Multiple Fuel calibration processes for accurate results
  • Upto 95% accuracy

Fuel Theft/Fraud Protection

Tank running suspiciously low? If you’ve lost fuel it’s important to have where, when, and how much you’ve lost down on paper. Now you’re armed with real-time statistics instead of receipts or drivers’ testimonies.

  • Accurate data on Re-fuelling and Draining
  • History of exact refuel/drain points on map
  • Time of Refuel/Drain

Monitoring Fuel Consumption

We already know that you watch fuel consumption closely, saving every penny possible. Take a break from crunching numbers and experience AVLView’s real-time fuel monitoring system!

  • Live fuel data
  • Charts tracking Fuel Consumed vs Distance Covered chart
  • Day to day fuel consumption statistics
  • Monthly overview of fuel consumption

Fuel forecasting

Five charts types are dedicated to tracking fuel consumption, helping you predict requirements for each vehicle. Cut out extraneous fuel expenses by scheduling trips early, planning a route, and calculate the amount of fuel required for the journey.

Digital Dispatch System

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Theft Protection

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Real Time Tracking

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