Act sooner; Plan smarter; Profit faster…

Automated fleet tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. Small adjustments to behavior can add up to large savings. In fact, you would see considerable results in cost savings within days of implementation.

From drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Build Company Reliability

Will having such a GPS tracking System boost your reputation into being a more reliable service/commodity provider? Of course yes, with all these modules/features included in AVLView, your market stakes are going to be high. Build your company reliability offering incredible services, say for eg: offer temperature variation alerts in freezers or shorten your delivery time than expected, alert when AC has been switched off, or may be a panic button for the safety of passengers. For anything & everything in fleet automation & GPS tracking, you stay with peace of mind when you are with AVLView.

Offer Incredible Customer Service

Your drivers are ideally to be trusted to work ethically following the rules & schedules set for them, but this is not always the case. Your business is service related, and you know that time is the most important factor in your success. One of your delivery/drop is running late, has not yet reached the destination, your client called up seeking the status; you are calling driver, but not picking up or he’s giving wrong/vague information on his location. Why all these hassles, simply subscribe to AVLView’s and stay uptight in the market with a huge client base. Errrr… highly satisfied huge client base.

Shorten delivery times

Cut short your delivery times, reduce warehouse costs for both you & customer. Organize delivery/pickup/drop points, mark it all together and create a route. Assign this route to your drivers and get them follow the rules & stoppages that you set. Get notified quickly by SMS/email/tweets and quickly act upon the unnecessary stoppages and exceeding idle times. AVLView is a simple yet professional way to ensure your drivers are justifying their jobs. AVLView now offers the greatest advantage of creating routes from the historical data; find the least time consuming route and assign vehicles to follow the same.

Acquire new contracts

Your company uses a GPS tracking system that has: Trips history and intelligent reports, Geo, route & spot fences to limit unauthorized vehicle usage, ‘Trip schedule’ module to organize timely deliveries, anti-theft features offering the best possible security for your/client’s assets, Service and Maintenance module offering reminders on periodic services; what else do clients need to trust you as a service provider; you are already doing everything to offer the best services in time. Portray AVLView”s GPS tracking as a major componet in yorr distribution business and gain new contracts.