Act sooner; Plan smarter; Profit faster…

Automated fleet tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. Small adjustments to behavior can add up to large savings. In fact, you would see considerable results in cost savings within days of implementation.

From drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Your business points on map

AVLView helps manage your fleet by storing locations such as company offices, branches, clients and custom locations, depots, delivery-pickup points, Schools, Student alight/board locations etc. and lets you visualize them on the map. As your operation grow, it is important that you need a foul proof GPS system in place to bring in/deliver the right amount of goods and services, in the correct place, at the best time and price to meet market demand. This feature helps you with a detailed landmark history report with timestamps of each exit/entry point and identifying whether the stop was authorized or not. 

No false work claims

Spot/Geo-zones enable your vehicles & staffs to stay within the work limits. Just as the vehicle crosses the line of a geo-zone, a notification is automatically sent to your staff and you to notify on the possible discrepancy. This makes deliveries more predictable and save all those extra costs you are spending on vehicle’s illegal usage, overtime claims etc. Analyze history, stoppage, transits, trip reports etc and identify any/all false claims on jobs/ deliveries; deal with those with factual data you have in hand. You can provide the driver(s) with a paper or electronic manifest to view daily stop lists, and capture arrival/departure times and delivery service times.

Faster response times

You can supervise driver and vehicle performance by tracking them live and thus see if the driver(s) is/are off the route or in the area that he shouldn’t be, if necessary also help with street-level navigation, etc. By connecting GPS tracking device via an Interface tool kit to a Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND), your drivers now have a display to receive/send messages and make available all priority communication on fingertips. It also helps drivers for real-time navigation and job dispatch capabilities resulting in less delivery time, fast response & increased productivity in the field and shorter routes on the road.

Extend fleet life

Timely vehicle maintenance is the key to vehicle fitness, economic fuel consumption & service reliability. A well maintained vehicle performs better on the road, decreases maintenance costs, improves fuel efficiency & reduces carbon emissions. AVLView’s maintenance module will not let you forget a periodic maintenance or miss a timely service. With A-Z encyclopedia of all due, pending & future maintenances helps you to reduce the unpredictable maintenance costs that could arise by missing periodic maintenance, AVLView is just upto its mark offering what all a Fleet Automation System should provide.