Act sooner; Plan smarter; Profit faster…

Automated fleet tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. Small adjustments to behavior can add up to large savings. In fact, you would see considerable results in cost savings within days of implementation.

From drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Monitor your vehicles 24/7

If you are concerned that you’re one of the vehicle owners who have not given this subject enough thought, take action now! As your operation grow, it is important that you need a foul proof GIS system in place to store organization location data to bring in/deliver the right amount of goods and services, in the correct place, at the best time and price to meet market demand or fulfill potential. AVLView helps you to spend less time searching for the location information.

Eliminate unauthorized usage

Unauthorized usage refers to the scenario where your vehicle is used by your drivers/resources for personal purposes without your consent. Believe it or not, this happens quite a lot and so frequently too. What does it bring to you? Nothing, but extra expenses; limit your vehicle’s access now with AVLView and control who should use which vehicle when & how. AVLView’s advanced features identify drivers to allow authorized use preventing unauthorized use. In addition, you can use AVLView’s door sensors or ignition alerts to get immediate notifications on a forced entry or unauthorized start.

Route effectively & appropriately

AVLView’s vehicle IN/OUT management solution is aimed at resolving unauthorized vehicle usage, irregular driving patterns and unplanned stops. Route fencing based on historical data allows you to create optimized vehicle routes to balance both profitability and customer requirements. When implemented together with trip schedule, the IN/OUT management solution allows you to quickly identify possible unauthorized vehicle usage or deviations from the route. It also provides crucial information required for building a driver-performance database.

Improved workforce productivity

Trip schedule and Route fencing together helps you to improve driver productivity by 10 additional working hours per week. That’s almost 40 hours+ a month. This is equivalent to 3 months of service job per accounting year. Your AVLView account is the “Swiss Army Knife” of GPS location, mapping, tracking, and routing shortcuts. As your outdoor sales activity changes from day to day, tools such as spot/route/geo fencing would make your backend operation on autopilot while you focus on doubling your profits.