100s of fleet owners chose AVLView for a reason… 

It’s more than just a simple route mapping or vehicle tracking…

AVLView is an all-in-one Fleet Automation System that tracks vehicles on the map, monitors fuel usage, helps cut losses in half, and increases fleet productivity. It provides instant alerts, provides maintenance updates, automates trip schedules, encourages green driving.

Please listen, what you need is an all-in-one fleet automation system to systematize operation, not just GPS tracking. Get AVLView system now, make real progress FAST.

Time based Management

Long trips, late deliveries, un-organized trips, all a part of the Fleet Management game and the results are even more upsetting; financial loss, reputation loss and dissatisfaction at its best on the other end that could even result in losing your client base. Assign your vehicles/personnel with a timetable for them to follow; get alerted if they violate the schedules.


  • Timetables for your vehicles/drivers to follow
  • Automated POI integration to schedule calendar
  • Events/schedules can be repeated

Calendar View

AVLView’s trip schedule is now available in easier way to understand & fast to schedule and act upon. Just a quick look on the calendar is what required in identifying & understanding your fleet schedule for a month. Simply click on the starting time/day (Schedule’s start) on calendar and drag to the ending time day to form a schedule.


  • Schedules can be done in daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Schedules can user specified, for eg: “all weekdays”
  • Simple click & drag process to organize a schedule

Route fence Integration

Assign time stamps (starting & ending times) along with the locations (integrated POI’s), schedule way-points and optimize routes thereby optimizing vehicle usage and improving driver productivity. Route fence is integrated to this module as to verify if vehicle/driver is following the schedule & route as required.


  • Route fence can be mandatory/non-mandatory
  • All saved route fences on list

Alerts by SMS/email

Manage running time of your vehicles by setting up a scheduled trip plan (What time should the vehicle leave start point, what time should it reach end point etc) and get to know immediately when schedules are compromised/violated. Alerts on violated schedules can be received through SMS, email & twitter depending on the preferences that you set.

Notification alerts can be set for:

  • Early/late departures
  • Early/late arrivals
  • Route fences (if assigned)


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