100s of fleet owners chose AVLView for a reason… 

It’s more than just a simple route mapping or vehicle tracking…

AVLView is an all-in-one Fleet Automation System that tracks vehicles on the map, monitors fuel usage, helps cut losses in half, and increases fleet productivity. It provides instant alerts, provides maintenance updates, automates trip schedules, encourages green driving.

Please listen, what you need is an all-in-one fleet automation system to systematize operation, not just GPS tracking. Get AVLView system now, make real progress FAST.

Schedule Service

Ever tried to calculate how much money you’re wasting on vehicle parts? That’s probably a number you try to avoid. Conducting disciplined service and maintenance checks is the best option for avoiding these unnecessary expenses. Can be Time based, Mileage based and/or Odometer based

  • Can be based on time, mileage, or odometer.
  • Dashboard shows critical services
  • Charts for analyzing service costs, fuel costs, and losses
  • Different service settings for different vehicles

Service Alerts

Set service notification alerts for your vehicles based on time passed or miles accumulated. You choose how notifications are generated: want an update a month before scheduled service or every 1000 miles? With AVLView, it’s easy.

  • Alerts by SMS, email or Both
  • Repeat alert function
  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Service reminders are listed in the system

Service Reports

Get detailed reports for all completed maintenances.

  • Reports on Schedules, Services & Alerts
  • Individual/Consolidated service reports
  • Available in system for upto 6 months
  • Can be documented to .pdf, .xls and/or .csv
  • Time based report generation

Service History

Information on all conducted maintenances is stored in service history for future reference. An e-log of all your completed services lets you know exactly what was completed when.

  • Service Information (Name, Frequency criteria etc)
  • Timestamp- when service was last conducted
  • Completed service data is available for up to 6 months

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